Shanxi Chiho Yidao Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Management philosophy

    adhering to the scientific, pragmatic, innovative, enterprising spirit of enterprise

  • Humanities Chiho

    Service culture, working principles: pragmatic matching, fiduciary responsibility first, all to the market needs for the principle, do everything to provide customers with excellent services.

    Work habits, team culture: responsibility, performance, execution, tracking, feedback, implementation, pragmatism, economy.

    Cultural atmosphere: focus on the cultivation of the ability of "implementation feedback, repeated punctuality" and create a cultural atmosphere of "integrity, responsibility, positive and sunshine".

  • Quality Chiho

    Quality: the company always adheres to the most strict standards, the most rigorous experiments, the most serious attitude towards the production of each product, to ensure that every extract has high-end quality is the qianhe Yidao always pursue for product quality.

    Work quality: the company adheres to customer-centered, pays attention to work quality and efficiency, pays attention to process and details, and continuously promotes high quality in service and management.

  • About Chiho

    Shaanxi Chiho Yidao Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tongchuan City, known as “hometown of Medicine King”. The company is committed to the research and development....

    Shanxi Chiho Yidao Technology Co., Ltd.
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